1 Year Later - Where Are We?

Who would have thought the reality of starting a clothing and accessory company with the intention of bringing conservation to the forefront of our mission could work? Well, it’s still a work in progress but we’ve come a long way. Learned a lot  (and still learning!) and we’re committed to carrying on our mission.

The Hook 360 logo isn’t just an icon of our company, but rather a symbol for responsibility and awareness. Wearing or displaying the Hook 360 logo associates you with knowing that our oceans are one of our most precious resources. It’s health and conservation is vital to our existence. It’s a symbol for taking accountability for our actions. Picking up waste with no reservations. Reducing your dependence on unnecessary plastics. Supporting causes that can make a collectively larger, positive impact on our well being.

No matter what the reason, we’re pressing on with even more ambitious goals in year two. To protect our Earth and environment from direct and indirect harm as well as delivering on our promise of giving you premium outdoor apparel and accessories. We hope you’ll continue the journey with us and we’ll see you at our next beach cleanup, conservation class, or just out on the trail!


Impact - We All Did This

This is really the tip of the iceberg. When we think about what we can achieve with the support of our growing, world-wide pro-team and fans, anything is possible. Take a look at these impressive stats:

To be able to contribute to the coral reef restoration projects globally from our Florida HQ is really amazing. The people there are intensely passionate about restoring these ecosystems and for the right reasons. We’re completely in awe when watching them work and the impact they’ve had already.

We have active Pro-Staff memebers in 14 countries and counting and have reduced the use of plastic straws through the sales of our stainless steel, reusable straws.

We can’t wait to tell you about our next big achievment!

Time To Celebrate

This is certianly a huge milestone for Hook 360 and our current Pro-Staff, customers, and fans. But, the mission is far from over and we have pages and pages of plans to make a reality. The only way we can do that, is through the generosity of our customers. Before we get to that, please read the note from our founder, Brett, about what this year really meant to him.

Your support enables us to bring to market new, sustainable products and amazing gear. With each sale, we contribibute to the causes mentioned here, a few new ones that are coming online and what we created to be a low carbon footprint, highly efficient, community-based company. Thank you again for believing in Hook 360 and being a part of the family.